Workshop on Entrepreneurial
Finance and Innovation

A bi-weekly, virtual workshop featuring research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation. Papers will be both invited and solicited with a call for papers. The next workshop takes place on Zoom on June 1st at 12pm EDT. The WEFI organizers are Michael Ewens, Yael Hochberg, Song Ma and David Robinson.

Call for Papers: If you are interested in presenting your work, please send a completed paper (rolling submission window).

  • 40 minute presentation (Zoom webinar)

  • Two short invited comments, 10 minutes each

  • 15 min moderated Q&A (collect questions during presentations)

  • More details here

Use this sign-up form join the mailing list for workshop announcements and the call for papers. We will send separate RSVPs for the presentations.

Presenter: Lauren Lanahan (Univ. Oregon)

Paper title: Research Subsidy Spillovers, Two Ways (joint with Kyle Myers, HBS) (pdf)

Discussant 1: Adrien Matray (Princeton)

Discussant 2: Sharon Belenzon (Duke)

Presenter: Simcha Barkai (London Business School)

Paper title: Value without Employment (joint with Stavros Panageas, UCLA)

Discussant 1: Simone Lenzu (NYU Stern)

Discussant 2: Ryan A. Decker (Federal Reserve Board)

Monday, June 29th

Presenter: TBA

Paper title: TBA

Discussant 1: TBA

Discussant 2: TBA