Workshop on Entrepreneurial
Finance and Innovation

A bi-weekly, virtual workshop featuring research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation. Papers will be both invited and solicited with a call for papers. The next workshop takes place on Zoom in Fall 2020. The WEFI organizers are Michael Ewens, Yael Hochberg, Song Ma and David Robinson.

Call for Papers: If you are interested in presenting your work, please send a completed paper (rolling window for the 2021 calendar).

  • 40 minute presentation (Zoom webinar)

  • 15 minute invited discussion

  • 10 min moderated Q&A (collect questions during presentations)

  • More details here

Use this sign-up form join the mailing list for workshop announcements and the call for papers. We will send separate RSVPs for the presentations.

September 21, 2020

"Artificial Intelligence and High-Skilled Work: Evidence from Analysts"

October 19, 2020

"Kill Zone"

November 16, 2020

"Patents to Products: Product Innovation and Firm Dynamics"

January 11, 2021

"Mistake-based Discrimination in Early-stage Finance: Evidence from Security Choice"

    • Presenter: Laura Lindsey (Arizona State University)

    • Discussants: TBA

Oct 5, 2020

"Small Business Survival Capabilities and Policy Effectiveness: Evidence from Oakland"

November 2, 2020

"Women in Science, Lessons from the Baby Boom"

December 7, 2020

"Innovation under Ambiguity and Risk"

Winter/Spring 2021

Please submit your paper to, deadline Dec 15, 2020.