Workshop on Entrepreneurial
Finance and Innovation

A bi-weekly, virtual workshop featuring research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation. The workshop is open to submissions at

The WEFI organizers are Michael Ewens, Camille Hebert, Song Ma and Melanie Wallskog. Our two advisors are Yael Hochberg and David Robinson.

  • 40 minute presentation (Zoom)

  • 15 minute invited discussion

  • 10 min moderated Q&A (collect questions during presentations)

  • More details here

Use this sign-up form join the mailing list for workshop announcements and the call for papers. We will send separate RSVPs for the presentations.

Fall Seminar Schedule (12pm EST)

December 5th [Register here]

"Early exposure to entrepreneurship and the creation of female entrepreneurs"

Presenter: Viola Salvestrini (Queen Mary University)

Coauthors: Mikkel Baggesgaard (Queen Mary University) and Mertz Maddalena Ronchi (Bocconi University)

Discussant: Kristoph Kleiner (Indiana)


Julia Fonseca (UIUC)

"How Much Do Small Businesses Rely on Personal Credit?"

Coauthors: Jialan Wang (UIUC)

Discussant: Manuel Adelino (Duke)

Abhishek Nagaraj (UC Berkeley)

"The Streetlight Effect in Data-Driven Exploration"

Ana Babus (Wash. U. St. Louis)

"The Anatomy of Financial Innovation"

Sean Higgins (Northwestern)

"Why Are Small Business Slow to Adopt Profitable Opportunities"

Laurent Frésard (USI Lugano)

"Knowledge Cycles and Corporate Investment"

Joan Farre-Mensa (UI Chicago)

"Do Startup Patent Acquisitions Affect Inventor Productivity?"

Amir Sariri (Purdue)

"Does Mentorship Drive Startup Performance?"

Sophie Calder-Wang (Wharton)

"Diversity and Performance in Entrepreneurial Teams"

Simone Lenzu (NYU Stern)

"Propagation and Amplification of Local Productivity Spillovers"

Sabrina T. Howell (NYU Stern)

"Opening up Military Innovation"

Wei Jiang (Columbia)

"Surviving the FinTech Disruption"

Jay Ritter (Univ. of Florida)


Yulia Zhestkova (Chicago)

"Fencing Off Silicon Valley"

Jessica Jeffers (Chicago)

"Risk and Return of Impact Investing Funds"