Workshop rules


  • 40 minutes for the presenter

    • At about the 15 minute mark, co-authors will address some of the major questions posed in the early Q&A

  • 15 minutes for discussion

  • 10 minutes for Q&A

  • Have a question?

    • Pose it in the chat window

    • The co-organizers may interrupt the talk to pose your question or unmute you

    • Co-authors (when available) will answer questions in the chat

    • Deeper questions will be deferred to the Q&A

  • Audience members are asked to register for the Zoom meeting (sign up for announcements)

  • Let us know -- -- if you have any suggestions for technology or format changes.

Instructions for attendees: Q&A and moderation

As an attendee, you will not be able to unmute yourself. If you have questions about the content of the talk, please submit the questions using the Zoom chat feature. Time permitting, and depending on the volume of questions, the moderator will either ask your question for you or confirm with you to ask the question yourself and unmute you at a suitable time. In some meetings, the collaborators of the speaker will be online to address your questions in Q&A. Note that Q&A will be moderated by the organizers so you will only be able to see some of the questions of the other attendees.