Workshop on Entrepreneurial
Finance and Innovation

A bi-weekly, virtual workshop featuring research in entrepreneurial finance and innovation. The workshop is open to submissions at

The WEFI organizers are Michael Ewens, Yael Hochberg, Song Ma and David Robinson.

  • 40 minute presentation (Zoom)

  • 15 minute invited discussion

  • 10 min moderated Q&A (collect questions during presentations)

  • More details here

Use this sign-up form join the mailing list for workshop announcements and the call for papers. We will send separate RSVPs for the presentations.

Seminar: June 28th, 2021(Register)

"Rugged Entrepreneurs: The Geographic and Cultural Contours of New Business Formation"

Presenter: John M. Barrios (Washington University in St. Louis)

Discussant: Samuel Bazzi (UC San Diego)

Lecture: Fall 2021

WEFI Lecture Series

Topic: Raising Capital beyond Venture Capital

Presenter: Yael Hochberg (Rice)

Wei Jiang (Columbia)

"Surviving the FinTech Disruption"

Jay Ritter (Univ. of Florida)


Yulia Zhestkova (Chicago)

"Fencing Off Silicon Valley"