How-to "virtual seminar"

First, check out the Online Seminar Best Practices from the Chamberlain Seminar. Here is some other advice:

  • Create a account that you can share the login with your co-organizers. This will allow you to create the website + analytics.

  • Google sites + custom url is a great option and allows multiple users to edit.

    1. Custom-url is a bit complicated: (i) buy domain (ii) add TXT record (iii) verify (iv) add CNAME to DNS. Namecheap is a good option.

  • MailChimp for the mailing list. It allows you to send campaigns, tag attendees (merge the Zoom attendee list to Mailchimp) and has unsubscribe options. Is GDPR-compliant.

  • Google Analytics can be added to the Google account created in the first step and in turn added to the Google site .

  • Webinar is ideal if there are discussants and you expect more than 100 people. Requires a subscription. The best feature is that it has a built-in RSVP system and reminders.

  • Set up a separate Google calendar with your events. This can be shared with the folks at