WEFI Fellows

A PhD workshop for students interested in
entrepreneurial finance and innovation.


The WEFI organizers are happy to announce the launch of the WEFI Fellows program, a PhD student group starting April 12, 2021.

The program

WEFI Fellows will be a small group of Ph.D. students interested in pursuing research in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, and innovation. The group will meet at least once a month online. Led by Michael Ewens (Caltech), meetings will include discussions of the upcoming WEFI talk, student presentations of new ideas, longer presentations of on-going work, or discussions of papers from a reading group.


The primary goals are to help students -- particularly those at schools without multiple faculty in entrepreneurship and innovation -- refine their dissertation topic, learn more about the research area and build their network of fellow Ph.D. students. Importantly, it is not a substitute for advising by their home institution advising and would complement the summer NBER entrepreneurship bootcamp (apply here by 3/26).


The first cohorts will include students working in entrepreneurship, innovation, and entrepreneurial finance that have

  • entered the research phase of their Ph.D. program (typically years 2+, but pre-job market year) with an advisor

  • in economics, finance, strategy, or management

  • selected their research area in entrepreneurship ideally with a completed first 2nd/3rd-year paper.


There will be at least one virtual meeting a month, with additional sessions when there is a WEFI seminar speaker's paper to discuss.

The group will occasionally bring in other faculty in the area and other WEFI organizers to provide feedback to the students. The group will be encouraged to interact with an online platform for networking and conversation between meetings. This platform will grow with each new WEFI Fellows cohort. Finally, students will help the WEFI organizers with the WEFI seminars and lecture series.

Learn more

Read more about the program details and logistics.

Contact Michael Ewens for questions.

Early PhDs or Junior Faculty?

Students still seeking research topics with an interest in entrepreneurship, check out the WEFI Lecture Series where each lecture has an overview of a topic and some ideas for next research steps. If you are a junior faculty interested in a possible AP/post-doc WEFI group, fill out this form.

Faculty interested in mentoring?

Faculty interested in meeting with the Fellows, co-organizing a reading group or providing feedback to student presentations, contact Mike Ewens.